Cyclopts: HTCondor-Aware Stochastic Analysis Framework

Cyclopts is an HTCondor-aware platform designed to enable large-scale parameter space exploration of computational problems. It’s primary use is to analyze supported optimization problems found in the Cyclus nuclear fuel cycle simulator. Because Cyclus only defines a C++ API, Cython wrappings are automatically generated via XDress.


Cyclopts is currently under heavy development and purely experimental! With great Condor power comes great Condor responsibility!


Cyclopts is a framework that is designed to test and analyze computational problems, with optimization problems being a primary use case. Cyclopts provides

  • a canonical way to describe the possible parameter space that define such problems
  • a canonical representation of problem instances
  • the ability to execute problem instances that meet given conditions with a variety of solvers
  • the ability to perform these executions using the High Throughput Computing (HTC) platform HTCondor
  • a utility to view and compare results

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